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Appointment Setting Skills Overview - Skill 1: Agenda (Part 2: Writing Out the Timeline)


We will be covering writing out the timeline. This includes the following:

JEM Marketing Appointment Setting Skills Overview - Skill 1: Agenda (Part 1: Timetable) List

Write Out The Timeline

You can write out your timeline in the following ways:

  • On paper
  • A document on the computer’s word processing software, which includes the following:
    • Microsoft Word
    • iWork Pages
    • OpenOffice Writer
    • WordPerfect
    • LibreOffice Writer
    • Google Docs
  • A calendar program on the computer, such as;
    • Email clients, which include the following:
      • Microsoft Outlook
      • Thunderbird, which has the following features:
        • Mail Account Setup Wizard
        • One-click Address Book, which allows the business to add people to their contacts like how bookmarks would be added on a browser
        • Attachment Reminder
        • Email tabs
        • Quick Filter capability
        • Search interface
        • Email archiving
        • Thunderbird Filelink
        • Light and dark themes
        • Smart Folders, which is multiple email account support
        • Add-on support
      • Spike, which has the following features:
        • Real Time chat-like interface
        • Sharable Notes
        • To-Do list
        • Group chats
        • Super Search function, which allows the business to find exactly what they need
        • In-line RSVP
        • Built-in audio and video conferencing
        • Intergration with Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox
        • Priority Inbox
        • Delete, archive and mark as unread/read emails in one go
        • Support for Gmail, Microsoft email services (Outlook/Office 365/Hotmail), iCloud, IONOS mail, GoDaddy email, Exchange and AOL email addresses
        • Read Indicator to show when messages have been read.
        • Quick Reply with preset and customisable responses.
        • Keyboard shortcuts
        • AES256 Encryption
        • Light and Dark Themes
        • Customisable notifications
        • Customisable Swiping
        • Customisable organisation
        • Schedule Send
        • Snooze
        • Undo Send
        • File Preview
        • Multimedia messaging
        • Instant Unsubscribe
        • Translation into ten different languages
        • Text to Speech
        • Voice messages
        • Reminders
        • Note History
      • Google Workspace
      • Zoho Calendar, which has the following features:
        • Automatic Reminders
        • Calendar Sharing and Embedding
        • Group Calendars, which allow the business to schedule meetings, and organise group activities and deadlines
        • Meeting Requests
        • Move appointments from Zoho Calendar to other calendars
        • Two-way sync between Zoho Calendar and the business’s computers and mobile devices
        • Sync between Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
        • Sync with some Zoho applications
      • Microsoft Exchange Online
      • Fantastical, which has the following features:
        • Syncs existing calendars between Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
        • Upload files to iCloud and Google Drive.
        • Multiple calendar views such as Day, Week, Month, Quarter and Year
        • Default, Light and Dark themes
        • Scheduling with Openings (where the appointment setter sets up the times they are available and leads book appointments at those times) and Proposals (which allows the business to see invitees’ available times)
        • Task and Event Templates
        • Conference Calls
        • Calendar Sets (which allow the business to group together calendars)
        • Tasks
        • Interesting Calendars, which allow the appointment setter to add calendars about their interests
        • Widgets
        • Weather
        • Support for iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft email services (Outlook/Office 365/Hotmail), Yahoo!, fruux and Meetup
        • Time Zone support
        • Multiple Languages
      • Sunsama, which has the following features:
        • Calendar Visualisation
        • Task prioritisation
        • Drag-and-drop work events into the business’s calendar
        • Adding notes to meetings and tasks
        • Desktop application
      • Eventable, which has the following features:
        • Customised notifications
        • Dynamically changing events
        • Location based targeting
        • Personalised events for each client

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We have covered writing out the timeline, including paper, word processors, email clients and calendar programs.

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