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Keep it clean: Why cleansing your data is good for your business

Did you know that business data decays at a rate of 37% per annum, and up to 67% of UK B2B mailings contain errors?


For all those that don’t know, data cleansing is the process of detecting and removing inaccurate records from a database and correcting or deleting any ‘dirty’ data. This process is highly vital to a company as, more often than not, a lack of concise, up-to-date information can threaten customer and seller relationships and ultimately can be damaging to your business in the long term.


Effects data decay have on your databases:

·         Missing Data: empty fields that should contain data

·         Wrong or Inaccurate data: information that hasn’t been entered correctly or maintained

·         Inappropriate Data: data that is entered in the wrong field

·         Non- conforming data: data that has not been normalised

·         Duplicate Data: data that occupies more than one record

·         Poor Data Entry: typos, transpositions, and variation in naming and formatting


The impact data decay can have on your organisation:

·         Failure of your marketing automated initiatives

·         Distorting campaign success metrics

·         Dissatisfied sales and distribution channels

·         Higher spam counts and un-subscriptions

·         Invalid invoice data

·         Loss in revenue/ cost to the business from processing errors


Data cleansing is a necessary business function that ultimately helps maintain important business information at an efficient, high-quality level to prevent further problems later down the line. Overall, this service can not only save you money but maintain your reputation and save you time. Cleaner data is better for your businesses future.

You may be thinking, but how do I find out if I have a data cleansing problem? We at JEM can help with that. We offer a free of charge, no-obligation mini-pilot to identify which of your records need cleansing.

To find out more about how data cleansing can help your business and what data cleansing services we offer, please call us on 01933 271717 or visit our website here.

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