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Why do b2b Insurance Brokers use Telemarketing Agency’s?

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Date published: 01/01/2022

Why do b2b Insurance Brokers use Telemarketing Agency’s?

Telemarketing is one of the most efficient ways to qualify sales leads. Insurance brokers that have an ambition for growth will use a Telemarketing Agency to feed qualified sales leads into their sales team quite simply because this is the most cost effective and reliable method to generate sales leads.

Once the business insurance renewal date is known this data can be organised into call cycles so that those customers can be contacted at least 30 days before their insurance renewal. Customers then in the market for an insurance review can then be transferred to the correct team to provide a quote.

For larger premiums and corporate cases these customers will need to be contacted on an ongoing basis to build and nurture a relationship with them.

Regardless of the size of your b2b insurance brokerage using a Telemarketing Agency can add value for example if you are a small broker it may be that you cannot afford a dedicated telemarketing team. Larger brokers may find that they want to ramp up activity at certain times of year or in niche sectors to test the response.

What is a Telemarketing Agency?

There are around 250 UK Based Telemarketing Agency’s they vary from smaller boutique agencies who may employ 5 or more telemarketers to large call centres employing 1000’s of telemarketing agents.

A telemarketing agency will have a set structure and process for on-boarding new clients and telemarketing campaigns. Using a pool of experienced telemarketers enables them to set up a campaign and hit the ground running, providing their clients with a quick return on investment.

Set up time will depend on a number of factors including; product/service training required, number of telemarketing staff required and of course the current work load of the agency.

Using a Telemarketing Agency who have a wealth of experience will help you avoid costly mistakes.

According to Glassdoor an average employer spends £3000 just to recruit a new employee.

Saves you time - Recruiting, training and retaining a telemarketing team is not easy. We take this problem away from you, leaving your team to focus on closing the sale and winning new customers.

Saves you money - We work out a strategy including what to say and to who. We engineer the most efficient way to generate your b2b sales leads, ensuring you avoid costly mistakes in generating quality sales leads within your budget.

Accelerate your business growth - You tell us what you need, how many and when you require them. Leave the rest to us.


Biggest isn’t always best, you need to make sure that you find the agency with the skill set, telemarketing experience, range of telemarketing account managers that will most suit your campaign. Does the Telemarketing Agency already have knowledge of working in your sector? Visit our dedicated page for b2b Insurance Telemarketing Agency Services

Here is one of our client testimonials videos from Integrum Insurance

How much does it cost to hire a professional company like JEM Sales & Marketing Ltd for your next telemarketing project?

We Telemarketing Packages to suit a range of budgets these include:

· Start Up - £800 a month

· Business Growth - £1,600 a month

· Business Accelerator - £3,200 a month

Sales Lead Generation

Still prefer to set up in-house telemarketing?

Find more information on how to set up a successful telemarketing campaign and best practices for using telemarketers effectively in your business. Additional resources can be found at The Direct Marketing Association have published a guide which covers all elements to consider when sourcing a Telemarketing Agency.

Fill in a few details on our contact us page or email or call now on 01933 271717 and speak to Jane Evans.

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